The concept of reflected light is as old as image creation itself. In the past reflected light has been used to support other lighting situations, now it can possibly be a predominant lighting practice: versatile, creative and with some unprecedented advantages.

The concept of creating the illusion of natural light, deriving from a very far distance, even in the smallest most confined space, is achievable using the dedolight Lightstream system. In practice, reflected light can be used to enhance the sensation of space and depth, creating a three-dimensional illusion. It can offer a very different character compared to other kinds of lighting.
Dedolight PB70
The largest parallel beam lighting instrument provided by dedolight is the parabolic beam light called the PB70. This provides a parallel light source that is clean and homogeneous - this is achieved with a parabolic reflector which works best with a point light source; as such a metal halide HMI light source is used in the PB70.

This special light source provides homogeneous color, maintained through the entire lifetime, and modified for clean light distribution and the smoothest near parallel beam light possible within the parabolic reflector.

Several aspects of this are noteworthy - the virtual light source. With such a near parallel beam the light does not derive anymore from the light fixture, the instrument, it is to be seen as a virtual light source from way behind the fixture. How do we define this: we elongate the outer rays of the beam backwards until they cross and that is where the virtual light source is active. With the dedolight PB70 this is between 6 and 20 meters behind the instrument. This enhances the distance from the effective light source to the object and thus it diminishes all the ill effects of the square law.

When our actors move the change of intensity is less noticeable than we've known before. This inverse square law is defined as double the distance one quarter of the light. Now we know different ways to overcome these deficiencies - dedolight Lightstream with the PB70 light is also a very effective tool in this matter.