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Often we are not aware that the media industry is a very important contributor to climate damage and therefore green tech application in the production world is often neglected.

The dedolight Lightstream system is the most power efficient lighting system on the market, which, in turn makes the system extremely environmentally friendly. This is the result of several factors:

(i) Low power consumption as reflectors replace many traditional light fixtures.

(ii) Use of Parallel Beam Intensifiers which increase light output up to 500%, without drawing extra power.

(iii) Low power requirements of LED lights used with the dedolight Lightstream system.

In older days, lighting a small TV studio would have required between 30 and 100 kilowatt of power, with an additional 200 or 250 kilowatt of extra power for climatization. Using the dedolight Lighstream system and LED technology, we light the same area that was lit by 30 kilowatt or more with merely 970 watts of power.

To achieve this, dedolight has employed a 220 watt DLED30 light with Parallel Beam Intensifier lighting four reflectors simultaneously, for front and key lighting. For backlight a 90 watt LED bi-color light has been used, also with Parallel Beam Intensifier, lighting five reflectors in a row.
Such lighting can be mixed with additional soft lights. The dedolight Ledraptor octagon shaped soft light - available in 3, 5, and 7 foot versions, smooths the overall lighting and gives a gentle and homogeneous feeling, while still leaving the special character of the more structured dedolight Lightstream system.

With this new approach and the drastically lower wattage, the generated heat is absolutely minimal and operates with minimal need for air conditioning, or possibly none at all.

The 3 components: light fixture, Parallel Beam Intensifier, and reflectors, combine to make up the dedolight Lightstream system, which is at the forefront of power efficiency and low power consumption in a world increasingly concerned with low-carbon solutions.
It should be noted, the largest light in the dedolight Lightstream system is the parabolic PB70 light: this is suitable for feature films and other large-scale productions. The PB70 only draws 1200W and has light output significantly higher than a 9000W Arri in spot function. The dedolight PB70 is suitable for use on location or in studios.
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