Presented by Sean Boyriven, Dedolight California
dedolight PB70: a magical light (part 1)
The PB70 is the largest and most powerful of the parallel beam lights, mainly directed at the use in Lightstream Drama applications. Beam projectors have been known in our industry, but this one is different, as much as it offers a very defined beam, and at the same time a homogenous light distribution all across the beam.
dedolight PB70: a magical light (part 2)
Demonstration of the dedolight PB70 using reflectors numbers 1 - 4 to show the different character of light which results from each reflector.

The beam of the PB70 has an exit diameter of 70cm, 27.5 inches. This parallel beam light fixture can be used for the appearance of a natural light source, being far away by virtue of its character, and its over-ruling of the square law. For this reason, this light fixture has already been chosen for some major film projects to simulate sunlight because of its natural and unique character.
dedolight PB70: a magical light (part 3)
Part 3 and the final of the series, dedolight PB70: a magical light, presented by Sean Boyriven, Dedolight California.

"It has just so many perks for our industry that it's hard to list them all. You have to let it speak for itself but you also have to try it out. You got to get it in your hands, you got to try it out because once you see it you'll get it, a sense of how special it is."

Sean Boyriven, Dedolight California