New variflector for producing circular and elongated light shapes; can be used horizontally or vertically

Dedolight Lightstream began with four different types of reflectors, each with different light-character and spread angles. These reflectors are available in five different sizes

Then reflector number five was added: a spreading reflector. Now dedolight introduces the V-flector which means variable; we can change the surface from completely flat to a bent shape and that allows us to control the spread angle in terms of width, be it horizontal or vertical.
The result is a gradual blend of light without any steps; this can be a very useful if you need that kind of light distribution. There is a lever attached to the reflector; when you activate this it controls how the reflector is bent which in-turn influences the shape of the reflected light.

The V-flector is available in dedolight Lightstream reflector number two or reflector number three. The V-flector, for variable spread.