dedolight offer an unprecedented range of lighting tools and reflector systems; this puts dedolight in the lead with the most effective, power-efficient lights in the industry. Specifically, the dedolight PB70 parabolic light, is king of output and power efficiency and is unique in its ability to produce a virtual light source, minimizing the effect of the square law. In addition, dedolight now introduces the PB70 2.5 kW, with double the power of the original PB70 parabolic light.
The dedolight Lightstream system features 5 different reflector characters in 5 different sizes, all of which can be motorized.

There are different products within the dedolight Lightstream range, each being interchangeable with each other:

* dedolight Lightstream for drama productions and TV series, providing the perfect illusion of natural light deriving from outside the studio - Infinity Lighting.

* dedolight Lightstream Lite, these are light portable reflectors which can be mounted anywhere. One single light, even a small puppet light, equipped with the magic parallel beam intensifier can activate eight or even fifteen reflectors, to light an entire scene.

* dedolight Lightstream Table Top System, unequalled versatility, with the smallest, most versatile lights. Again equipped with parallel beam intensifiers and an incredible variety of additional tools.
Introducing the dedolight Lightstream Flag System (IP protected by a pending Patent Application and by registered Utility Models), eliminating parasitic light, otherwise inescapable in reflected light systems.
dedolight also offers the expanded Lightstream Flag System, in round or square shapes. This provides an incredible bridge between hard and soft lights with different large reflector surfaces, to surround the multitude of reflector choices. This crosses between hard and soft light, adding more versatility to the installation of the reflectors, clearing the set from unnecessary lighting paraphernalia while still enabling control over the soft/hard characters of the lighting.