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23/04/2023 Virtual reality production and the concept of infinity lighting
Working with the dedolight Lightstream system one can create the illusion that the light is coming from very far away. This is achieved by working with parallel light in combination with reflectors. When the light hits the reflector, the distance of the light to subject creates the illusion of infinity lighting, which is lighting from a far distance. This is shown in the video above, using the dedolight Lightstream system, groups of reflectors, in combination with Prolycht lights and the Chroma Link app, which allows tracking of color temperature in realtime.
Duration: 05:08

30/11/2022 Virtual Studio with Prolycht Multicolor Lights & dedolight Lightstream
Featured in the movie above is a demonstration of Prolycht multicolor lights in combination with the dedolight Lightstream system, against a giant LED wall in a virtual studio setting. This method of production offers several advantages: * No need for complex post production to achieve realistic looking results * You see the complete result as you film it: what see is what you get * Allows for real-time changes to lighting and other details in the scene * Incredibly realistic results Owner of Kropac Media & cinematographer, Berti Kropac, surmises working with virtual studio producti...
Duration: 12:21

04/07/2022 Latest from dedolight: DTN Neo, Neo Color, Prolycht collaboration
Recorded at Cine Expo Europe in Munich, July 1 2022, this piece shows the latest developments from dedolight with the NEO family and Prolycht collaboration. Presented by Raffael Pollak, lighting designer at dedolight in Munich, we see the latest products and results which can be achieved. Also featured is dedolight optics on the Prolycht Orion 300 FS and Orion 675 FS lights.
Duration: 04:48

26/06/2022 Overview of the dedolight NEO family
This short video provides an overview of the dedolight NEO family. The dedolight NEO ballasts represent the next generation of dedolight technology, and will improve light control, dimming, and usability of LED lights across the dedolight range. We also see dedolight NEO color - the result of technological cooperation between Dedo Weigert Film and Prolycht. dedolight NEO color features six colour management guaranteeing accurate skin tone reproduction for variable CCTs and also the magic of varying the gamut of a white point. These are latest tools coming to market from dedolight and the N...
Duration: 02:18

01/06/2022 dedolight DTneoC ballast with DLED7C
Dedo Weigert Film are excited to introduce the color addition to their dedolight neo precision lighting instruments with the new dedolight neo color. dedolight neo color is the result of technological cooperation between Dedo Weigert Film and Prolycht. It features the superior six colour management engineered by Dr. Anqing Liu in his Hyperlight Engine. The red, green, blue, amber, cyan, and lime engine gives you the widest possible color gamut available today. This means we can Dedo Weigert Film GmbH guarantee accurate skin tone reproduction for variable CCTs and also the magic of varying the...
Duration: 05:25

20/05/2022 Introducing the Prolycht Orion 675FS
The Orion 675 FS utilizes the industry-leading 6-colour LED Hyperlight Colour engine mixing Red,Green,Blue,Amber,Cyan and Lime to create a wider colour gamut with excellent fidelity. Skin tones reproduction is super accurate and pleasing, with unprecedented flexibility in spectrum matching. The RGBACL Hyperlight Colour engine surpasses traditional RGBW or RGBWW technology. Maximum power, maximum colour. That’s precisely what the new Prolycht Orion 675 FS LED full spectrum spotlight delivers in a single robust fixture that is built for Film and TV professionals. The Orion 675 FS has been...
Duration: 05:49