This range of tools is originally conceived to serve the traditional table top tasks, with an added variety of effects and efficiency, enhancing the creative approach, tremendously.

In its basic configuration, the dedolight Lightstream Table Top system consists of 2 x 8 Watt Ledzilla focusing lights, which can be bi-colour lights. These lights can be fitted with the parallel beam intensifiers to co-operate with a rich choice of reflectors.

The front end of each Ledzilla, can also be exchanged for 2 types of imagers - projection attachments, which allow the highest degree of precision lighting for defined razor sharp accents; at the same time still enabling unnoticeable creative effects, that still direct the attention.

The basic dedolight Lightstream Table Top system also comes with a range of 15 different reflectors and unique holding devices.

There are many different options for this system, making it useful for many different applications.

The very same system may also be used for the lighting of larger spaces. We have already seen entire studios for music videos lit with the Ledzilla lights, originally; with the progress of this new system, all these capabilities are now vastly increased.

If additional push and power and very special effects are wanted, this system can be enhanced by the use of the dedolight DLED2 20 Watt focussing LED light; or the 40 Watt system, as you find in the dedolight DLED3. The DLED3 is a miniature bicolour light that features all the famous dedolight capabilities.

Now this choice of tools is seemingly endless, only dependant on your own imagination and dreams.

Thanks to Francois Aubry for providing the excellent video showing off the dedolight Lightstream Table Top System.

Based in Canada, Francois Aubry is a screenwriter, visual effects artist and filmmaker. Francois has worked in the film industry for more than 35 years, extensively as a cinematographer and also in visual effects.


Mar 2022