For precision lighting a serious contribution may be seen in the character and performance of the beam deriving from all the 23 different dedolight focusing lights.

They all follow the clean beam concept.

Jürgen Jürgess, a famous German DoP defined this many years ago. It allows me to reach far-away parts of the set without spilling light on the remainder of the set, without creating unwanted extra shadows. Of course, also the physical and emotionally perceived aspects of perfect light and color distribution with no hotspots, no color fringing can be seen as advantages.

The incredible choice of accessories is unprecedented. For some maybe not worth the attention, to others a creative world of difference. Let’s start with something very simple, which belongs to every focusing light: a barndoor. We have barndoors with 8 leaves, also special ones with 12 leaves that allow perfect light and shadow definition.

Furthermore, we know that often the lights are shining from above, looking downward; and in doing that, the barndoor leaves on the light itself are parallel, but the shadows are no longer parallel, they form trapezoidal shapes. However, since many of our architectural and other devices like doors and paintings have parallel structures, you cannot light them with a trapezoidal light distribution, therefore we are the only ones who have invented and patented rotating barndoor leaves.

Reflections from the barndoor – Sometimes we don’t notice, but sometimes it can be disturbing that the black inside of a barndoor can cause reflections. Yes, black usually reflects a lot of light. We are the only ones who have created a saw-tooth structure on our large barndoor leaves, eliminating practically all of these reflections.

Another precision tool may be seen in our projection devices, the imagers that we have in different sizes for all of our focusing lights. Interchangeable projection optics of the highest possible quality. Adjustable image plane when projecting from an angle, to keep far-away projection and near projection in focus.

Razor-sharp shadow definition, even bordering the impossible. When we force light to go through a very narrow door, light doesn’t like this, and it creates all kinds of wonderful colors – red, green and blue – called color fringing. Our imagers and projection optics work without color fringing, even for hairline-thin lighting creation, thus we can light a large wall and project gobos, background effect patterns or also printed color gels for the illusion of wonderful backgrounds, shot minutes ago with our smartphone, print it out on any office color printer, and now create magical backgrounds in otherwise uninspiring surroundings. But also useful as instruments to define lighting accents as small as the facet of a diamond.

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Jul 2021