dedotools aims to provide affordable tools for videography and photography, allowing creators to achieve the perfect balance between full color control and create specialized in studios and on-location results with very little money.  

For photographers, videographers, filmmakers, content creators, interviews, conferences, the dedotools Colorist is versatile and suitable for photo, video, film, TV production, live streaming. 

dedotools Colorist

A true powerful 60W RGBWY LED soft light panel with large light-emitting area. The Colorist consists of 576 pcs LED beads (144 pcs Warm / 144 pcs Cold / 288 pcs RGB beads), Bicolor can adjust the color temperature from 2700K to 10,000K, RGB can adjust the hue output from 0°to 360° and color saturation from 0% to 100%.

• Can be controlled by a mobile device IOS or Android: Allows to adjust color, saturation, color temperature and brightness, FX effects, pixel effects, Color Picker

• Special App: Color Picker: to accommodate mixed lighting situations with a click. Hue, saturation and dimming can also be adjusted in this mode

• Built-in DMX-512 controller for remote operation

• High CRI 96+ and TLCI 97+ for accurate color reproduction and convincing results.

• Housing made of high-quality aluminium alloy material with excellent heat dissipation. 360° unobstructed tilt range and solid locking capability 5/8” dual receptacle. Supports the light’s installation on stands or in hanging application vertically, as well as horizontally. No fan – no noise.

• Intelligent App Control System: You can connect up to 20 LED panels within a group and adjust the color temperature/ brightness/HSI parameters/Scenes/15 FX Effects/ 12 Pixel effects. Up to 20 meters bluetooth connection

• The Colorist supports 15 special lighting scenes to enrich your shooting environment, including cop cars, ambulances, fireworks, parties, candlelight, lighting, paparazzi, TV screens and more. The RGB video light can meet different needs in different situations.

• The Colorist supports 12 pixel effects. Produces smooth pixel chases and effects with the ability to change color, speed, direction of transition between pixels. The 4-pixel control zone with brilliant pixel light effects can be controlled via app or via DMX. 

• Use with power supply for indoor use, or two Sony NPF970 replaceable LI-Ion batteries to provide convenience for outdoor shooting (battery not included). 60 minutes with 100% output.

• Four-leaf barndoors to modify beam and spread as needed.

• Premium selected LEDs paired with detachable magnetic diffusion panel for balanced and flattering illumination. Soft-padded carrying bag keeps the light and accessories safe during transportation. 

• Soft box (not included) with grid is optional to control light spill.

• Multiple Lighting modes: CCT Mode / HSI Mode / 15 FX Effect


Sep 2023