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13/05/2020 The simplicity and beauty of Ledzilla: the smallest of the dedo focussing lights
The simplicity and beauty of Ledzilla - the smallest of the dedo focussing lights. Ledzilla is small enough to fit into a handbag yet powerful enough to key or fill on location. 
This is the light you always have with you, ready for action, for the camera operator or photographer who needs to travel light with a minimum of equipment. Also suitable for tabletop and product photography. A variety of attachments are available including: soft box, Chinese lantern and light tube with ability to use gels to the change colour of the light.
Duration: 05:06

12/05/2020 Lighting on Location: quick, mobile setups
Here we see a typical news crew in action, capturing material on the run. Having the right equipment makes a big difference to achieving results - the first setup in this piece shows the difference having a Felloni LED panel can make, when using as a fill-light in an exterior daylight situation. The next set-up provides another example of how simple lighting techniques can make a big difference. Using a TecPro Felloni and dedolight DLH4 transforms what would otherwise be a dull scene. The natural daylight provides fill for the entire scene, while use of the 2 lights - TECPRO Felloni and DLH...
Duration: 04:09