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21/02/2024 Cinematographers & Gaffers talk dedolight: in praise of perfection
This movie shows what dedolight is about. Covering all the major aspects of dedolight, told by cinematographers, gaffers, and those who work with the dedolight system, this provides a complete overview of the dedolight system - from the classic DLH4 tungsten light, to HMI lighting, soft light, LED light, reflected light, multicolored light... dedolight has been used in all areas of cinematography, from television to feature film production, news, corporates, events, product shots, photography... dedolight has been used in all areas of image creation. Featuring (in order of appearance): Roy H...
Duration: 11:57

21/08/2023 dedolight NEO Color DLED7N-C: multicolor light (part 1)
dedolight Neo Color DLED7N-C is the result of technological cooperation between Dedo Weigert Film and Prolycht. It features Prolycht's superior six colour management: red, green, blue, amber, cyan, and lime which gives you the widest possible color gamut available today. This means accurate skin tone reproduction for variable CCTs and also the magic of varying the gamut of a white point. In addition you can make full use of the color wheels and prestored effects. The system can be controlled with a simple, intuitive menu via OLED display, DMX, Lumenradio CRMX or Bluetooth and the Magic C...
Duration: 14:55

26/05/2022 dedolight DT-Neo family
Raffael Pollak, lighting designer at dedolight, runs through the new dedolight DT-Neo ballast and how this interfaces with the latest range of dedolight light heads. Now one universal ballast will drive all 34 of the latest dedolight LED lights from 20-90 watts, whether they are monocolor, bi-color, infrared or ultraviolet. The dedolight neo ballast represents the next generation of dedolight technology, and will improve light control, dimming, and usability of LED lights across the dedolight range. This is an important step forward and brings absolutely smooth dimming from 0.1% to ful...
Duration: 05:27

27/02/2022 dedolight DLED7: "the new classic"
Described as "the new classic" the dedolight DLED7 is small, compact, robust - with elegant focusing exclusive to dedolight. The DLED7 includes a very quiet active cooling system, enabling the use of much higher wattage LED light sources, resulting in drastically enhanced light output. The bicolor versions are continuously adjustable from 2700K through to 6500K. Although these light heads provide significantly higher light output, and in spite of the added cooling devices, the weight of the DLED7 light heads is still identical with the original DLED4, 40W light head. Alternativ...
Duration: 12:42

18/05/2020 Pete Burns: Lighting with Felloni LED panels
Lighting cameraman, Pete Burns, explains why he chose the Felloni LED panels and the benefits which this way of lighting brings. Manufactured by TECPRO and distributed by Dedo Weigert Film/dedolight, these lights come in different versions, high powered daylight or tungsten, and a bicolour version which enables you to set the colour balance to daylight or tungsten, or any value inbetween. The lights can be powered by mains or battery, and can be run for several hours of uninterrupted operation using V-lock batteries. Various accessories can be added, including: diffuser, honeycomb, and soft...
Duration: 10:33

13/05/2020 The simplicity and beauty of Ledzilla: the smallest of the dedo focussing lights
The simplicity and beauty of Ledzilla - the smallest of the dedo focussing lights. Ledzilla is small enough to fit into a handbag yet powerful enough to key or fill on location. 
This is the light you always have with you, ready for action, for the camera operator or photographer who needs to travel light with a minimum of equipment. Also suitable for tabletop and product photography. A variety of attachments are available including: soft box, Chinese lantern and light tube with ability to use gels to the change colour of the light.
Duration: 05:06

12/05/2020 TECPRO LITEFLEX: flexible LED panel
The TECPRO LITEFLEX is one of the most useful lights on the market for the single camera person or anyone who needs portable lighting. Key Features: • High output • Low power consumption • Incredibly light and portable • Dimmable • Bicolor - daylight or tungsten at the turn of a knob • Runs on Sony BPU batteries or V-lock batteries with adapter • Detachable power stick which enables the LITEFLEX to be mounted to any flat surface • Can easily be angled down when fitted to a light stand - many lights cannot do this • Can be bent to the appropriate s...
Duration: 14:20

12/05/2020 Lighting on Location: quick, mobile setups
Here we see a typical news crew in action, capturing material on the run. Having the right equipment makes a big difference to achieving results - the first setup in this piece shows the difference having a Felloni LED panel can make, when using as a fill-light in an exterior daylight situation. The next set-up provides another example of how simple lighting techniques can make a big difference. Using a TecPro Felloni and dedolight DLH4 transforms what would otherwise be a dull scene. The natural daylight provides fill for the entire scene, while use of the 2 lights - TECPRO Felloni and DLH...
Duration: 04:09

12/05/2020 Roman Hoffmann: 3-point lighting using 3 Felloni LED soft lights
This demonstration shows standard 3-point lighting using 3 Felloni LED soft lights. Equipment used: Felloni LED panel light with grid, Felloni with soft box and grid, Felloni with soft box and barn doors These are bi-colour lights - the results of changing and mixing colour temperatures is shown. Demonstration: Roman Hoffman, dedolight, Munich
Duration: 03:40

12/05/2020 dedolight Portable Studio LED
Today we will talk about the concept of the Portable Studio in LED lighting. In this video we show an LED dedolight kit with 4 lights, consisting of 2 multi-LED panel lights and 2 focusing dedolights. There lights are available in bi-colour, allowing the colour temperature for each light to be adjusted from 2700 degrees Kelvin to above 6000 degrees Kelvin. Therefore the colour temperature can be set without the need for filters or gels. The dedo focussing lights, in combination with imager projector and shutter projector, provide the ultimate in background projection with the ability to per...
Duration: 14:58

12/05/2020 Portable Studio "classic"
Portable Studio This is about the concept of what we call the Portable Studio. Dedo Weigert: "When I started in this business a documentary film team had many people. Today the same work often is done by 2 people, one behind the camera and one in front of the camera, and that makes for a real lack of hands, often compounded by lack of time and lack of money." "How can you do serious lighting?" "So we came up with lighting kits that are smaller, lighter, more versatile and still complex enough to allow for creative lighting." "Here we show a basic set-up...
Duration: 07:51

12/05/2020 FELLONI LED Lighting Panels
This Felloni Tecpro 15° Standard Bicolor LED Light runs on 324 LEDs and has a spot beam angle which makes it ideal for longer throw applications or situations requiring higher output. The narrow beam angle is also perfect for controlling spill light and for edge or side lighting purposes. The bicolor LEDs are variable in fine steps from 3200 - 5600K covering the tungsten to daylight balance range. This is the perfect light when speedy setup is of paramount importance. You can forget about fumbling with gels and gaffer's tape and just start shooting. The 1 x 1', 4.4 lb panel is vi...
Duration: 08:03

12/05/2020 Panaura dedicated soft light overview: Panaura 7, Panaura 5, Panaura 3
This video looks at the Panaura range in detail: Panaura 7, Panaura 5, and Panaura 3. Presented by Dedo Weigert, the philosophy behind Panaura is explained, how this light provides a beautiful wrap-around effect for the subject, and the thought process that has gone into creating these exceptional lights. The Panaura lights produce unique light character, without hotspot. Panaura has been described as “the portable window.” These lights are shallow in in width; considering the size, and these lights can therefore be easily moved and positioned. Panaura can be converted from day...
Duration: 10:47