In the world of reflected light the dedolight Lightstream system is the most complete and the most versatile and it offers the greatest variety for the creative mind.

Today we talk about one expansion and one addition to the Eflect - the word means effect and reflective light combined; it allows to create an incredible variety of effects.

Eflect - it can be the most gentle accent like a floating feather in the background, like a butterfly that takes a rest for a little while, and it can go even to an explosion of effects on the background or sometimes, if you want, on the talent

Today dedolight is adding one more tool to the range of Eflect - it could be called the giganto Eflect - a huge surface that allows you, with very few of these devices, to light up and transform the entire studio with effects, some of which can be compared to the Sun droplets that fall through a leaf tree, others are floating gentle transitions like the flowers floating on a lake in a Monet painting in the Museum Marmottan, Paris.

Or it can come to a complete explosion of effects like the Aurora Borealis, which people travel a long way to experience, once in their lifetime - you can create this now in your own Studio with an even greater variety than the nature already provides.

The entire Eflect range starts with the smallest one, that you can use as an accent on an object, on a person, on a background, to the more noticeable effects creating an interesting background which fills the entire studio all the way around with effects that are seemingly unbelievable. In addition, if you want, you can vary these Effects by changing the distance of the lighting instrument to the Eflect, or by focusing the light, or by adding the magic parallel beam adapter to the light. You can explore an incredible variety of effects.

Also we’ve, had for a long time, the relatively stupid looking filters; when you look at them at first sight they look very simple, but amazingly when you put them on the light they transform the world of images in a magic way way beyond what you believe when you look at that dual color filter.

dedolight is now adding two more reflective surfaces to the Eflect range: we call them tropical blue and the other one is tropical orange. The effects that you create are way beyond what the word describes. The Eflect reflectors show an incredible variety of effects in colors and unexpected performance.

For the creative mind this opens the gateway to magic fairy tale performance and unnoticeable little accents that enrich your image and transform it help your viewer to focus on the message that you really want to convey. Because that's what we are illusionists, magicians, to create, convey and transmit messages.


Mar 2024