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08/02/2024 Reflectors on the rays of the sun: Paul Kohn master photographer
Paul Kohn is a master photographer. He has style which is all his own; he has a deep understanding of light and how to use it. In this piece Paul works with dedolight Lightstream in combination with Effect reflectors. 
The results are astounding visuals of close-ups of flowers, creating a dreamy surreal effect. “We have a magic flow illuminating all sides. In fact, it’s as if we put reflectors on the rays of the sun, in a small way.” Paul Kohn Thanks to Paul Kohn for making this short film possible, and showing his way of working. Paul Kohn is a Belgium based photogra...
Duration: 03:51

08/02/2024 Reflectors on the rays of the sun: Paul Kohn master photographer (French version)
Paul Kohn est un maître photographe. Il a un style qui lui est propre ; il a une compréhension profonde de la lumière et de la manière de l'utiliser. Dans cette pièce, Paul travaille avec dedolight Lightstream en combinaison avec des réflecteurs Effect. Les résultats sont des visuels époustouflants de gros plans de fleurs, créant un effet surréaliste onirique. « Nous avons un flux magique illuminant tous les côtés. En fait, c’est comme si on mettait des réflecteurs sur les rayons du sole...
Duration: 03:51

21/11/2023 dedolight Lightstream Lite: mounting solutions
dedolight Lightstream LITE is a powerful and portable solution for anyone who wishes to work with reflected light. One of the key challenges to using Lightstream LITE effectively is be able to mount reflectors anywhere you choose, enabling precise placement of light. This video shows a multitude of ways to suspend, mount, and place reflectors, enabling you to light a scene simply and effectively with the minimum of lighting equipment, with all the benefits of working with reflected light.
Duration: 04:36

12/11/2023 Versatile Media: dedolight PB70
Versatile Media is a global film studio founded in 1993 in Hangzhou, China with nearly 500 employees in Hangzhou, Beijing, Vancouver and Los Angeles. They are the creators of one of the world’s most advanced virtual production pipelines, with 2 LED stages built. Versatile Media works extensively in the world of virtual production, creating images that convincingly replicate environments which are indistinguishable from having been filmed on location. A key piece of equipment to achieve this is the dedolight PB70, parabolic light, known to create realistic looking sunlight which can be ...
Duration: 02:13

24/09/2023 Gaffers & Cinematographers: dedolight PB70 Infinity Lighting
Filmed at Cirro Lite in West London: 4 industry professionals discuss working with the dedolight PB70 and reflected light. Featuring: Oona Menges - Cinematographer Carolina Schmidtholstein - Gaffer Jason Clare - Gaffer: Reflectric, London based company specialising in working with reflected light Jono Smith - Cinematographer/Gaffer: Reflectric, London based company specialising in working with reflected light The concept of Infinity Lighitng: the illusion of natural light from a far ...
Duration: 10:41

01/09/2023 Sweet Beams: the magical dedolight parallel beam intensifier
Multiple dedolights set-up with parallel beam attachments, creating a visual spectacle which is majestic, mesmerising, compelling. dedolights are renowned for their clean beam, with no stray light. Within the beam totally homogeneous without hotspots. With the addition of the parallel beam intensifier this magnifies the light output up to 500% or more. This increased light output is very useful for the working with reflected light and the dedolight Lightstream system. From the smallest dedolight, the 8W Ledzilla, all the way to the focusable 1200W daylight HMI models, parallel beam intensifi...
Duration: 08:00

01/04/2023 Maximising The Source: understanding reflected light
Essential viewing for those wishing to learn about reflected light and the dedolight Lightstream system. This presentation tells how photographer Taki Bibelas came to understand the value of reflected light early in his career, to then refine this into his own workflow. This is presentation is packed with information and real-world examples showing just what can be done with dedolight Lightstream. Thanks to Taki Bibelas for this stunning presentation! Taki Bibelas started as a fashion photographer in Paris, having worked for major magazines around the world. He has since worked in filmmaki...
Duration: 26:57

20/03/2023 The Power of Reflection: demonstration of dedolight Lightstream Table Top
Recorded at the dedolight International Agent Meeting, September 2022, this demonstration shows dedolight Lightstream Table Top at work, how the system works, and the results which can achieved.  Thanks to Arastoo Givi, DoP and lighting educator, for this fantastic demonstration. Based in Iran, Arastoo has worked as a DOP for documentary films and teaches photography, lighting & cinematography at universities and Colleges.
Duration: 17:16

27/02/2023 Tools for Table-Top Magic: demonstration by Francois Aubry
Recorded at the dedolight International Agent Meeting, September 2022, this demonstration shows many tools from the dedolight Lightstream Table Top system and how these can be used for high-class product lighting. Thanks to Francois Aubry for this fantastic demonstration showing what can be done with the right tools, knowledge and mindset! Based in Canada, Francois Aubry is a screenwriter, visual effects artist and filmmaker. Francois has worked in the film industry for over 35 years, extensively as a cinematographer and also in visual effects.
Duration: 08:50

19/02/2023 dedolight PB70: a magical light (part 3)
Part 3 and the final of the series: dedolight PB70 a magical light, presented by Sean Boyriven, Dedolight California. Sean explains the benefits of working with the dedolight PB70 and dedolight Lighstream system, and how the the only way to really experience and understand the system is to get it in your hands and try it out: "It has just so many perks for our industry that it's hard to list them all. You have to let it speak for itself but you also have to try it out. You got to get it in your hands, you got to try it out because once you see it you get it, a sense of how special ...
Duration: 01:44

13/02/2023 World of Reflected Light: dedolight PB70 & the virtual light source
With such a near parallel beam the light does not derive anymore from the light, the instrument. It is to be seen as a virtual light source from way behind the fixture. How do we define this? We elongate the outer rays of the beam backwards until they cross and that is where the virtual light source is active with the dedolight PB70 - this is between 6 and 20 meters behind the instrument. This enhances the distance from the effective light source to the object and thus it diminishes all the ill effects of the square law. When our actors move the change of intensity is less noticeable than w...
Duration: 01:41

30/01/2023 dedolight PB70: a magical light (part 2)
Presented by Sean Boyriven, Dedolight California. Sean demonstrates the dedolight PB70 using reflectors numbers 1 - 4 to show the different character of light which results from each of the reflectors.   The dedolight PB70 is the largest and most powerful of the parallel beam lights. The beam has an exit diameter of 70cm, 27.5 inches. This parallel beam light fixture can be used for the appearance of a natural light source, being far away by virtue of its character, and its over-ruling of the square law. For this reason, this light fixture has already been chosen for some major film pr...
Duration: 08:06

08/01/2023 Interview: Steven Poster, Cinematographer
Steven Poster, A.S.C, I.C.G. is an American cinematographer and photographer who is the former President of the International Cinematographers Guild. Poster began his career as a creative assistant at The Film Group, a commercial film production company based in Chicago, Illinois. After being promoted to director of photography due to his skill at lighting, he met Herschell Gordon Lewis and worked with him in various crew positions on a total of three films. Poster founded a production company with director Michael Mann and served as the cinematographer on numerous industrial and education fi...
Duration: 09:47

24/08/2022 Poker Game
Short film, beautiful cinematography, great story with twist at the end. Lit using dedolight Lightstream. Duration 1 min 45 secs.
Duration: 01:45

14/06/2022 A portrait of Dedo: photographer Paul Kohn
Behind the scenes showing photographer Paul Kohn at work, photographing Dedo Weigert, at Screencraft studios in Munich. Here we see Paul’s unique style and how he controls the light, using dedolight in combination with dedolight Lightstream, Efflect, and a table standing vertical to create a unique and perfect background. We see the setup, we see the result, and hear Dedo’s words throughout the photographic session. Thanks to Paul Kohn for making this short film possible, and showing his way of working. Paul Kohn is a Belgium based photographer. Check out more from Paul at: ht...
Duration: 02:21

20/05/2022 Introducing the Prolycht Orion 675FS
The Orion 675 FS utilizes the industry-leading 6-colour LED Hyperlight Colour engine mixing Red,Green,Blue,Amber,Cyan and Lime to create a wider colour gamut with excellent fidelity. Skin tones reproduction is super accurate and pleasing, with unprecedented flexibility in spectrum matching. The RGBACL Hyperlight Colour engine surpasses traditional RGBW or RGBWW technology. Maximum power, maximum colour. That’s precisely what the new Prolycht Orion 675 FS LED full spectrum spotlight delivers in a single robust fixture that is built for Film and TV professionals. The Orion 675 FS has been...
Duration: 05:49

27/03/2022 Roy H. Wagner: Cinematographer
With over 50 years working in the film industry, Roy Wagner talks openly about his life as a cinematographer, the effect dedolight has had on his own work and the rest of the production industry, and many insights and glimpses into working on major motion pictures and the challenges which this brings. **Roy H Wagner** Roy Henry Wagner III (born January 12, 1947), ASC, is an American cinematographer known for dramatic, dark imagery. Named by Kodak as one of the "Top 100 Directors of Photography in the World" Wagner's career has spanned 35 years in the motion picture and t...
Duration: 38:27

22/02/2022 Lighting a model car: 12 light set-up
Here we see a model car and how the mood and atmosphere can be changed by controlling the lighting. This requires an intricate lighting setup involving many Dedo focussing lights with imagers, DPEye filters and elements of Lightstream and Eflect. View complete movie showing behind the scenes of how the lighting has been achieved at link below:
Duration: 02:03

25/01/2022 Ledzilla: small, powerful, full-featured dedolight in miniature
dedolight Ledzilla is the smallest of the lights in the dedolight range. Despite the small size Ledzilla is a full featured dedolight in miniature. dedolight Ledzilla is available in several versions, most commonly used are the bi-color or daylight versions: *DLOBML-BI - 8w, Ledzilla, Bi-Color LED Focusing Light (2700-6500K)* *DLOBML2 - 8w, Ledzilla LED Focusing Light, Daylight Balanced (5600K)* *DLOBML-BI-POL - 8w, Ledzilla, Bi-Color LED Focusing Light with Drop-Down Polarizer (2700K-6500K)* Ledzilla is powerful and versatile and works with a wide range of attachments, including: 8-lea...
Duration: 00:58

25/01/2022 dedolight Ledzilla: interview with Dedo Weigert
Cinematographer, Dedo Weigert shows off Ledzilla, the smallest light in the dedo focussing range. Ledzilla is small enough to mount on-camera, yet powerful so this can be used with accessories such as: projector unit, Chinese lantern, soft box, light tube. This is an amazingly flexible and useful light which is useful to keep on-hand, particularly when travelling light. Lezilla draws 8w of power and can be run from Sony NPF style batteries for long periods. Essentially this provides a portable, powerful solution which can be easily expanded.
Duration: 11:10

07/11/2021 3 movies: each lit with dedolight Lightstream
The content in these short films demonstrates dedolight Lightstream in action. 3 short movies, each showing what can be achieved with with the unique qualities of reflected light. 
Thanks to filmmaker Tibor Kormany for providing this excellent content. Check out more from Tibor Kormány at link below:,-the-western,-the-thriller/522305600/
Duration: 05:08

08/07/2021 dedolight Optical Achievements Part 3: Precision Lighting
For precision lighting a serious contribution may be seen in the character and performance of the beam deriving from all the 23 different dedolight focusing lights. They all follow the clean beam concept. Jürgen Jürgess, a famous German DoP defined this many years ago. It allows me to reach far-away parts of the set without spilling light on the remainder of the set, without creating unwanted extra shadows. Of course, also the physical and emotionally perceived aspects of perfect light and color distribution with no hotspots, no color fringing can be seen as advantages. The incr...
Duration: 06:33

27/04/2021 The world of reflected light, part 13: The character of reflected light
Watch 13 part series at: It is not easy to define the virtues of the special character of the dedolight Lightstream system. One aspect would be that light in hard reflection is polarized and gives a different appearance to skin structure and skin tones, even when the color temperature is identical. But then, there is more to it that needs to be experienced by the eye of the seasoned DOP, or anybody who has the ability to 'see light'. Sounds like a joke, but it is absolutely true that even in our profession there are not many people that I have met who...
Duration: 02:58

08/01/2021 Jason and Jono, part 2, dedolight DLH400D and Imager System
Jason and Jono from Reflectric, a company specialising in working with Reflected Light, demonstrate the dedolight DLH400DT HMI light. The Imager attaches to the front of the DLH400D - when used in combination with shutter attachment, this can be used for cutting and controlling light precisely. The imager can also be used in combination with iris, gobos, patterns, or slides. Beyond the Imager, for working with the dedolight Lightstream System, there is the Parallel Beam Intensifier which enables the light output to be increased by 500% or greater. The DLH400D is an amazingly flexible, powe...
Duration: 08:12

10/11/2020 Absolute precision lighting with dedolight
Here we see a model car and how the mood and atmosphere can be changed by controlling the lighting. This requires an intricate lighting setup involving many Dedo focussing lights with imagers, DPEye filters and elements of Lightstream and Eflect. The movie above is a short promo - a complete movie on this subject to be shown very soon on
Duration: 02:05

12/03/2018 The Portrait 2-HD 1080p
Lighting the Portrait - cinematographer Ian Murray.
Duration: 01:43